Nix Solutions Review

Happy users of uActive – Here are their NIX Solutions Reviews

Nix Solutions Review – I’ve been an Android user for as many years as smartphones have existed, so when I was finally convinced to switch over to the “dark side” 🙂 and try an iPhone.

I had to go looking for all new Apps to do all the things that I love to do every day on my phone. After trying more than one exercise tracking App, I finally found uActive and haven’t turned back.

It includes the steps I take every day (which is incredibly important for me to track with my generally sedentary job), my heart rate, basic things like age, weight and gender, as well as oxygen consumption, which is incredibly interesting to me. Now every day at the end of my day I can easily sit and see exactly what I did, and if it was enough to overtake the calories that I ate that day; I love it. try it yourself it is free (I would be willing to pay for this app… FYI developers…)

Jenifer Closs, Redwood City, CA

uActive by Nix Solutions ltd. is one of the best fitness app I have ever tried.

It is accurate, very easy to operate and most important it connects smoothly to the iPhone Health feature. This app contains all the data I need as a professional boxer – calories, heart bit, time etc.

I strongly recommend this app  – all a sportsman needs in a fitness app and for free. Thank you Nix Solutions!

Archie Esher, Edmonton, Canada