Everyone has heard about sports anti-aging effect. Of course, it is impossible to stop time, to maintain eternal youth only by playing sports. However, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of life, to suspend the aging process with the help of physical activity. How do you explain this “youth elixir” effect? How to rejuvenate with physical activity?

What is the “anti-aging effect” of sport

It is easier to choose the right sport, draw up a training program if understanding the effect of physical stress on the body.

The following things are important to know for everyone struggling with aging:

  1. When performing any physical exercise, breathing quickens and becomes deeper. Due to this, the blood is better saturated with oxygen, especially if training is carried out in the fresh air. Blood supplies oxygen to all body systems intensively, including the brain. Because of this, all metabolic processes are accelerated, cholesterol plaques are washed out, metabolism improves, metabolic and decay products are more rapidly excreted, stagnation and blood clots are prevented.
  2. Regular physical activity improves the cardiovascular system state, reduces the risk of sudden death due to heart problems.
  3. Physical activity is necessary to maintain muscle and tendon elasticity. With age, muscle mass is lost, muscle hardening and increase in intramuscular adipose tissue occurs. Regular mobility in old age stops these processes, helps to maintain the strength and muscle tissue elasticity.
  4. Exercise serves to strengthen bones. Running and jumping are useful for the condition of bone tissue and serve as a prophylaxis of age-related osteoporosis.
  5. Sport trains the vestibular apparatus, improves movements coordination. This reduces the risk of injuries due to falls in old age.

In order to avoid training harm, and have the maximum anti-aging effect, it is important to correctly draw up a lesson plan, perform exercises under the guidance of a trainer, and normalize workloads. The uActive mobile app will help keep track of physical activity. The program collects data from fitness bracelets, summarizes and analyzes them. The resulting information can be quickly sent in pdf-format to your instructor in any convenient way: e-mail, messages of instant messengers.