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uActive by Nix Solutions – The Perfect Fitness App

uActive by Nix Solutions - why is it the perfect fitness app? Here is an unbiased review written by Jeremy McCain, a super-user and an [...]

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Nix Solutions Review – Internet Marketing Services

Nix Solutions Review for IM services Internet Marketing by NIX Solutions Review: I’m a pretty old school business owner, and I’m ok admitting that. Here [...]

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IT Consulting by Nix Solution Reviews

Nix Solution Reviews for IT Consulting IT CONSULTING by NIX Solutions Reviews: As a small business, a startup company, we don’t really have the budget [...]

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Cloud Staffing Support by Nix Solutions Feedback

Nix Solutions Feedback for Cloud Staffing Support Cloud Staffing Support by NIX Solutions feedbacks: Let me tell you, up until a few months ago I [...]

Alessandra John

Hello NIX Solutions, I would like to share my review about your app. In my humble opinion, it’s an excellent product. All functions are useful and work properly.

Jose Frame

It’s a cool app. I always appreciate when people release a quality product, and make it free for people. So, I’m here on NIX Solutions reviews, and at least give a thumbs up.

Athena Wright

Used it since the first version of the app. The quality of uActive functions is continually growing. Obviously NIX Solutions tracks reviews of users and listens to their opinions.

Reginald Kent

If you like to do sport, you should download this app, because it helps a lot. I intentionally visited the page with NIX Solutions reviews, and left my comment there too.

Cayson Jacobs

I will not write a long manuscript like most people usually do. It will be a few words review for the NIX Solutions developers: “Good job guys. Continue this way.”

Meerab Daugherty

The one thing I can’t understand is why the company makes it free of charge. The app is a great tracker and supporter, only good reviews about NIX Solutions.

Shirley Redmond

Just an excellent and workable application which has everything necessary. Reading NIX Solutions reviews, I see that it’s not only my point of view, but other people support it too.

Jaya Hulme

If you are going to read or become a sportsman (at least try to do this), I recommend downloading this app and leave NIX Solutions review here.

Kasper Aguirre

The app creates a little challenge for me every day. I try to walk more and be more active overall. It gives me motivation which I lack. NIX Solutions, my review and mark is excellent

Aamna Mack

Do you know another sports app that is free and works so good? I don’t. It’s not the first app from NIX Solutions for which I am leaving positive reviews.

Nix Solutions Reviews