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uActive by Nix Solutions – why is it the perfect fitness app?

Here is an unbiased review written by Jeremy McCain, a super-user and an athlete.

What is the uActive App?

UActive is a perfect fitness app which is very powerful, practical fitness app for iOS users mainly iPhone owners that Keeps track and records of all fitness and workout activities, setup ones goals based on personal details and even send a PDF file for further improvement of physical shape.

This app is perfect as it makes training more efficient through

· Its enabled features of tracking and recording for such things like pulse,rate,training duration and many more

· It comes together and supports popular modern trackers

· It is ideal for available training exercise and games

· This app is applicable to all iPhones and all iOS.

Benefits of using UActive Fitness App

1. Smart Training Calculation Indicators

  • Resting heart rate setup for exact calories smoldered.
  • All sorts of game or movement even Yoga, Dancing and angling.
  • Weight, stature, age, sexual orientation;
  • Singular greatest heart rate (Harman);
  • Beat amid workout;
  • Individual resting heart rate (Hurst);
  • Individual maximal oxygen utilization (Lomax);
  • Distance and steps.

2. Smart Calculations and Reports

  • Isolate figuring of the basal vitality utilization and dynamic calories to arrange your trainings appropriately;
  • Practice power is evaluated by figuring heart rate zones.
  • Workout in a specific zone (Warm up, weight control, cardio preparing, anaerobic work out, and red line zone) will guarantee the outcome you crave.


3. Export Training Reports to PDF

One can export training tracking and records to pdf and share or use later for reference


As per a late study, members who used this app were considerably more dynamic contrasted with nonusers. Current users likewise had a lower body mass list.The study’s creators accept applications individuals overcome obstructions like an absence of comprehension or association, which prompts to better practice propensities.

As it were, wellness applications control individuals who may not be spurred or sufficiently proficient to enhance their wellbeing all alone and for you there is no exception

Want to try uActive yourself?

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