I recently had a new roommate move in with me, and when he did he was so fit and in such goodNix Solutions feedbacks shape that I convinced him to help me get into shape so I could finally be happy with how I look.
After a few weeks of doing everything I could to be as active as possible, and losing more weight than I thought possible in a few short weeks, I knew I wanted a way to be able to see my progress without relying on a mirror or scale to do so; eventually my weight loss isn’t going to be so obvious and I’m going to need to be able to have a way to keep myself going at that point.

Thankfully my roommate could also recommend a killer App to help me keep track of whatever I wanted, and that App was uActive.

uActive is just the App I was looking for, and I know it’s just what I need to keep myself motivated.

Kenny Benatar, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

(This review recently arrived by email saying “uActive what a great app, here is my happy Nix Solutions feedbacks”)