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Fitness App uActive by Nix Solutions Review

  Happy users of uActive - Here are their NIX Solutions Reviews Nix Solutions Review - I’ve been an Android user for as many years as smartphones have existed, so when I was finally convinced to switch over to the "dark side" :-) and try an iPhone. I had to go looking for all new Apps [...]

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uActive App by Nix Solutions Feedback

  Working out has become my new obsession; once I started to realize what a difference I could make in my body just from spending a few hours a day working out and bettering myself I easily became addicted and couldn’t get enough. I quickly realized that I wanted a way to be able to [...]

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Best Fitness App by Nix Solutions Feedbacks

  I recently had a new roommate move in with me, and when he did he was so fit and in such good shape that I convinced him to help me get into shape so I could finally be happy with how I look. After a few weeks of doing everything I could to be [...]

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