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uActive is a very powerful, practical fitness app for iOS users mainly iPhone owners.


Keep track of all fitness and workout activities, setup your goals based on your personal details and even send a PDF file to yourself or your trainer for further improvement of physical shape.

nix solutions reviews fitness app uactive

uActive Makes Your Training More Efficient

Smart Fitness Tracking Features

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NIX Solutions reviews

BarnabyI like jogging and can't imagine life without it.
Having begun to run in youth, I do it more than 30 years. Lately, I use a sports tracker — my friends who are keen on running advice me to use the uActive app to connect tracker with my smartphone. So, can say only kind words on uActive on the NIX Solutions reviews. I’m far from all of the tech world. However, I didn’t come across any issues using this app. Also, it’s made in blue and red, and I like red color. Good job NIX Solutions.
HamzahI want to say thank these guys for uActive, that’s why I’m here to leave NIX Solutions reviews.
As for me, this app is the perfect fitness tool which I can use free of charge. It has many useful features, and all of them work correctly. Using the app my results are improved, and all of the reports I get from uActive motivate me more and more on beating my limits.
VincentUsually, I don’t leave commentaries, but uActive has impressed me, so I decided to write a few words for NIX Solutions reviews.
The primary point which I would like to mention is the price. The app is entirely free, and it’s fantastic. For a free app, it works extremely good. Thank you guys, keep it up.
TaylorIt’s my first NIX Solutions review.
I used the app uActive made by this company for some period. What can I say about it? Pointing into account that uActive is the free app, it deserves only praise words. I’ve checked its work with different types of sports activities, and every time the app showed itself to advantage — my mark is excellent.
Bruce Hello developers, you have done an excellent job.
Catch my like on the NIX Solutions reviews. uActive it’s a cool app for active people and athletes. Never thought that one day I would begin to do jogging. However it happened, and some role uActive played this. Thank you, guys. I hope you continue to do such excellent and free apps.

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    nix solutions reviews fitness app uactive

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